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How to add some color to your fits.

Pastels, prints and colorful looks are taking over the streets and we’re all here for it!

Are you still a bit unsure about all those colors and do you keep grabbing those black comfy looks in your closet?

We’re here to give you the courage to wear those colorful looks we know you have. We know it can be scary to stand out with an all colorful look, but with small steps you can get there.

Side note: by all means, if you want to wear black, grey or beige because you like it, you rock those looks queen. We’re all here for it.

1. Start small

Add 1 or 2 colorful accessories or details to your look. Start with a colorful bag, piece of jewelry or belt to spruce up your look.

Pictures: @lamourinnocent, @kim.dejonghe, @astrid.vb

2. Level up

Ready for some more color? Match a colorful top with some denim trousers or palazzo pants. You’ll instantly look a lot more colorful without making a huge statement.

Pictures: @kim.dejonghe, @lamourinnocent, @eliencatteeuw

3. For the advanced color queens

You already have some color mixed up in your looks? Next step, color blocking. Try mixing and matching your favorite colors to get a bold outfit that matches your personality. Combos we love: pink and orange, lilac and yellow and pink and red.

Pictures: @sagjenajafi, @ramijntje, @fitgingereef

4. Print on print

This one’s for the ones who feel ready to go all out there. Mix some prints baby! Gingham, polkadots and stripes. Get them all together for a meeting and create an outfit that won't be so easily recreated. These looks will be signature for your personality. Add some crazy socks and you’re one big color bomb, ready to take over the streets.

Pictures: @emiliavandyck, @__mmaxinewylde, @powpow_belgium

We can’t wait to see your colorful combos. Make sure to send us your colorful fits because we love to get inspired by your creativity.

Oh, and show some love to the amazing content creators we showed here!

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